Salamanca University Spanish Language Courses

Diplomas y créditos en la Universidad de Salamanca

Diploma and Credits

All students that take part in one of the Spanish language programs arranged at Salamanca University and who participate in at least 90% of classes will receive a certificate of attendance which states the number of classes taken and the type of Spanish course attended. If the student also takes and passes the final Spanish language exam, he or she will receive a diploma stating the final mark achieved. For the Hispanic studies language courses, students passing the final exam will also receive the Hispanic Studies Diploma, and for the Master Programs, students will receive a diploma or degree that entitles them to teach Spanish as a foreign language.


To obtain credits for your studies at Salamanca University we recommend contacting your study abroad advisor at your home university before you leave for Salamanca. They will be able to give you more exact information on how to transfer credits from your studies abroad as this is done differently from university to university.

For students who have passed the final Spanish language exam we will, if required, send certification of marks and diplomas directly to their university, which is usually enough to transfer credits.

Below you can find an approx. guide of US and European credits obtained from each course, which is calculated on the class hours given for each program. You will need approx. 13-15 class hours for each semester credit and 10 class hours for a European credit.