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University Residential Halls of colegio Cuenca

Residence Colegio Cuenca Residence Colegio Cuenca - Garden Residence Colegio Cuenca - Garden 2 Residence Colegio Cuenca - Gym Residence Colegio Cuenca - Living Room Residence Colegio Cuenca - Living Room Residence Colegio Cuenca - Coffee Shop Residence Colegio Cuenca - Coffee Shop Residence Colegio Cuenca - Coffee Shop 2 Residence Colegio Cuenca - Television Residence Colegio Cuenca - Computer Wifi Residence Colegio Cuenca - Bedroom Residence Colegio Cuenca - Desktop Residence Colegio Cuenca - Bedroom 2 Residence Colegio Cuenca - Coffee 2 Residence Colegio Cuenca - Kitchen Residence Colegio Cuenca - Bedroom 3 Residence Colegio Cuenca - Bathroom

General Description

Colegio Cuenca is a modern residential halls which was added in 2001 and which is situated within the university campus of Miguel de Unamuno of the University of Salamanca, in front of the Law Faculty. It is located just half mile from the Historical and Artistic Ensemble of the city, a walk away from the most attractive touristic points.

The buildings of the residential halls include 344 places available for the students, so they have the choice between a small private room with their own bathroom and kitchen, and a wide private room with their own bathroom and a shared kitchen which is connected to a room of the same type. Both types of room all have access to the Internet and a phone extension, as well as being fully furnished and including kitchenware and cooking utensils.

There are numerous communal areas in the facilities, which are used both for recreation and study, as well as additional facilities such as a laundry room, cafeteria, and a screening room, amongst others.

In addition, the residential hall includes services such as a reception and maintenance service, as well as the loan of laptops, irons and other amenities, and optional services such as weekly cleaning and the loan of bed linen and towels (both subject to the contract).


  • Location: Located within the Miguel de Unamuno university campus, in front of the Law Faculty of USAL. It is a half mile away from the historical centre of Salamanca. (Map: Francisco Tomás y Valiente, s/n 37007 Salamanca.)
  • Guarantee Deposit: The amount corresponding to a month and a half.
  • Accommodation Board: Meals not included. It is possible to access the dining room at the Hernán Cortés residential halls and/or to cook in the rooms and the communal areas.
  • Additional Costs: Consumption of supplies, to be paid at the end of the stay
  • Bed Linen and Towels: SDelivery of weekly bed linen and towels subject to contract
  • Cultural and Sporting Activities: Various cultural and sporting activities, voluntary and complimentary, organised by the residential halls and by the University of Salamanca.
  • Internet Access: Wifi in all the communal areas
- Facilities and Communal Services
  • Reception and Concierge Service
  • Weekly Cleaning Service (optional)
  • Personal Mailbox
  • Air Conditioning
  • Laundry Room
  • Vending Machine
  • Gym
  • Study Rooms
  • Living Room
  • Leisure Rooms (Wii, TV, sofas and tables, billiards)
  • Free Parking
  • Cyber-corner with access to the Internet and a printer

The following table shows the prices for the rooms in this residence, for students wishing to register for the Semester Spanish language courses at Salamanca University. The dates exposed below are adapted to the starting dates of these courses and you can book several periods in case you will attend the course for more than one term.

The table below shows the prices for different rooms in this residence. They target those students who want to attend the Intensive Spanish courses and the Summer Spanish language courses. Prices are displayed depending on how many weeks the stay lasts, and it is posible to add extra weeks if required by the duration of these courses.

Info prices

These rates include, phone line rental, Internet connection and full access to the public areas. These rates do not include the electricity supply of approximately 40.50€ that will need to settled upon departure, 14€ for the water supply, 30€ for the gas supply and any outbound calls made to numbers outside the residence. These costs will need to be settled directly at the residence along with the required deposit.
For stays shorter than one month, it will only be possible to book a single room with kitchen. The price includes weekly cleaning of the room (except kitchen), cost of electricity and water consumption and weekly towel and bedding service.