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Intensive Spanish Program

Monthly Intensive Spanish Courses at Salamanca University

The intensive Spanish language program starts every month of the year, except for July and August, when summer courses are available, and December. The program is open to students of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced speakers.

About Salamanca University’s Intensive Spanish Program
  • 2, 3 or 4-week courses.

  • Starting dates:

    Intensive Course (15 Spanish lessons per week)

    • June 1st / September 5th / October 3rd / November 2nd / November 30th / January 9th / February 1st / March 1st / April 3rd / May 3rd / June 5th / September 4th / October 2nd / November 2nd / December 11th

  • Choose between 15, 20 or 25 hours per week.

  • 4 Levels (complete beginner, intermediate, advanced, proficient)
    8-15 students per class.

  • Minimum age for registration: 17

  • Included in course fees: Books, study materials, and basic medical insurance.


Intensive Courses

Intensive Course (15 Spanish lessons per week) Our Price 425€565€665€
Intensive Course (20 Spanish lessons per week) Our Price 525€665€815€
Intensive Course (25 Spanish lessons per week) Our Price 615€775€960€
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Is the Intensive Program for Me?

Salamanca University’s intensive Spanish language courses take place every month and are available to students at all levels of language proficiency.

Typically, students choose this course format because they have a limited study period within which they wish to learn as much Spanish as possible, either for personal or professional purposes, or in some cases to prepare for an upcoming extended period of study in Spain. Because of this, the student body in these courses in quite varied, with students of all ages and backgrounds sharing the same classroom.

The first day of the program consists of a level test that is assessed to determine the student’s appropriate level of study. Students are also given the class schedule on this day.

The daily learning structure is as follows:

  • Hours 1-2: Spanish language and grammar.

  • Hour 3: Beginners broaden their Spanish vocabulary. Experienced students take optional subjects, including History of Contemporary Spain, Speaking and Writing, and Women in Spanish History.

  • Hours 4-5: (For students who take 20 or 25 hours, respectively.) Beginners participate in the language laboratory and complete communication activities. Experienced students take optional subjects, including:

    • Hour 4: Spanish Culture, Spanish and Latin-American Literature, The Arabic World in Spain*, and Written and Oral Skills Practice.

    • Hour 5: History of Spanish Art, Business Spanish, and Spanish and Latin-American Cinema*.

*These subjects are not available in September. Throughout March, students can choose between 3 or 4 daily class hours: Spanish Language, Conversation and Composition (vocabulary building for beginner levels), and/or Spanish Culture (communication activities for beginner levels).

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