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DELE Spanish Preparation Course

Online DELE Preparation Spanish Courses offered by Salamanca University

The DELE Exam is the official Spanish language exam for foreigners and stands for (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), which means Certificate of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

The exam can be taken at 6 different levels according to the European framework of language studies from beginner to mastery (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

The exam can be taken at specific dates throughout the year and all over the world at the local Cervantes Institutes, at most Spanish consulates or at recognized exam locations (see link for further information about exam locations

Over the last several decades, Salamanca University has had an essential role in the DELE Exam as they have been the chosen university to set the exam, which is the same for students all over the world.

Now Salamanca University is offering an online DELE preparation course to help students from around the world to pass their DELE Exam.

The courses are two weeks in duration, with 2-3 daily online classes and available for all 6 levels.

Prepare for the DELE Spanish Language Exam with the very same Spanish teachers at Salamanca University that set the DELE Exam! A very practical course where you will get familiar with the exam structure to prepare you to pass the DELE Exam.

About Salamanca University’s Online DELE Preparation Program
  • Two-week courses starting every month from June to October
  • 2-3 hours of online studies everyday
  • 6 Levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)
  • Included in course fees: Study materials
Starting dates:
  • September 7th - September 25th
    July 13th - July 31st / August 17th - September 4th / October 19th - November 6th
    June 22nd - July 7th
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About the DELE Certificate and Preparation Course

The DELE Exam consists of 4 different parts - reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing comprehension and speaking comprehension.

In the reading comprehension you will have to read a Spanish text that will vary in length and difficulty according to the level of the exam, where after you will have to answer a number of questions related to the text.

The listening comprehension is very similar, but in this case you will have to listen to Spanish audio and then answer some related questions.

To test your Spanish writing skills you will have to write a small essay in Spanish related to a specific topic, and finally for speaking comprehension there is an oral exam where you will have to do a short presentation and thereafter have a conversation with an examiner.

Why Take a DELE Preparation Course?

The DELE preparation courses are very practical courses where the focus is on preparing you for and passing the DELE Exam.

The classes are aimed at familiarizing you with the structure of the exam (duration, type of tests, real exam questions and getting you to fully understand the grading criteria) and at developing strategies to pass the tests at each of the levels. During the course you will be going over real tests and revisions of past exams so that you can learn how to answer correctly in many different situations and you will also receive a lot of practical advice to carry out the oral test.

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