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Spanish courses for groups at Salamanca University

For groups interested in learning Spanish at the University of Salamanca, we can offer special tailor-made programs, as well as standard Spanish courses- whether for the group only or participating together with the rest of the students studying Spanish at Salamanca University.

Group conditions

There are no conditions on the minimum size of the group and we can even arrange a special course for mini-groups if you have special requirements regarding starting dates or the specific content of the Spanish course.

To ensure the high quality of the Spanish courses offered by Salamanca University, the maximum number of students per class is restricted to 20.

Spanish programs available

Your group can choose between taking a standard Spanish course, or we can arrange a personalized program for your group only.

If you choose a standard Spanish course, you can choose whether you would like to participate with other students of the University or just as a group.

If you choose a standard Spanish course for your group only, we can offer you full flexibility regarding starting dates, number of lessons per week and the length of the course, however, all students in the group must have approximately the same Spanish level. We can arrange several different levels of groups exclusively for your group members but the price per student depends on the number of students at each level.

If you group members with different levels of Spanish, you can participate in the standard courses and benefit from a special discount for signing up as a group. The disadvantage of this option is that you have to follow the standard Spanish programs regarding length, starting dates and hours per week.

The last option is a personalized program just for your group. This could for example be Spanish for law, doctors or teachers; or it could also be a course focused on business Spanish- exclusively on speaking and vocabulary. Just let us know exactly what type of program you are looking for and we will come up with a solution.

Cultural Activities and Accommodation

Apart from Spanish courses, we can also provide a personalized cultural program during your visit to Salamanca. This can include activities within Salamanca or excursions outside the city.

We can also arrange accommodation in shared students flats, with Spanish host families or at student residences.

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