• All participants must be at least 17 years old to participate in any course.
  • We accept bookings until one week before the course starts or until no places availble.
  • Cursos Internationales reserves the right to cancel or amend any subject or course if there are an insufficient number of students enrolled. If this is the case, courses must be cancelled and the students will be reimbursed. Furthermore, the culture courses offered by Cursos Internationales may also be cancelled if they fail to attract a sufficient amount of student interest. Again, if this problem occurs, your money will be reimbursed.
  • The prices published on this website are subject to changes made directly by the University of Salamanca.
  • Within the course fees published on this website are not included excursions, cultural activities or other activities arranged outside the class hours.
  • No classes will be held on national, regional and local holidays. These days will not be made up for.
  • The first day’s only academic activity is a placement test, which will be used to determine each student’s level of Spanish.


  • To book your place on one of the programs you will have to pay a deposit of at least 300€ for the course + 190€ if you want also accommodation in a shared flat or host family (90€ as fee and 100€ that we will pay directly to the owners to book your room and will be deducted in the first month´s rent). Upon registration you will receive further information about how to pay the deposit by bank transfer.
  • The full outstanding amount has to be paid 4 weeks before the starting date of the course. If you sign up within 4 weeks of the starting date (and there are still places available on the requested course) you will have to pay the full amount at once.
  • All bank transfer costs are to be paid by the student.


  • The initial deposit is none refundable under any circumstances.
  • Students who have already paid the full amount and who are unable to attend the course are subject to the following cancellation charges, apart from the initial non-refundable deposit:
  • For cancellations made at least fifteen days prior to the beginning of the course: 100€ and any bank charges incurred.
  • For cancellations made less than fifteen days prior to the beginning of the course: 150€ and any bank charges incurred.
  • All cancellations must be made in writing.
  • No refund will be given for cancellations received after the course starts.
  • Changes in the number of hours or length of course are normally not possible when the course has started.

Terms & Conditions for Accommodation

Accommodation Service Offered by Accom Consulting Spain. S.L.

Accom Consulting Spain S.L. (Accom) offers students who have signed up for a Spanish language course at the option to book our assistance with finding accommodation.

The accommodation service is a service offered completely independent of the Spanish programs at Salamanca University and are subject to the following conditions:


  • Accom charges a one-time fee of 90€ for helping you find accommodation with either a Spanish host family, in a shared student flat or in an independent apartment (for further information about each option please see the description available at Accommodation Info.
    For costs and conditions regarding the residences offered in Salamanca please see the end of this document.

    This fee is to be paid with the initial deposit of the course.
  • In addition to the 90€ fee we will require a 100€ accommodation deposit, (for accommodation in an individual apartment, 40% of the total cost of the accommodation must be paid in advance as a deposit and the total outstanding fee one month before the arrival date) which we will send directly to the landlord to reserve your accommodation (this will then be deducted on the rent or the initial deposit).

Service offered

  • When reserving accommodation through Accom what you pay for in the 90€ fee is our assistance finding a room with a Spanish host family, in a shared flat or in your own apartment and our assurance that the room will be available / reserved for you upon the day of your arrival (according to the booking information you have provided us with). To put it in other words you pay for the time and resources we spend looking for, reserving and paying the deposit of your accommodation.
  • Before your arrival date (normally 1-2 weeks in advance) we will provide you with full information about the exact cost (rent and deposit) of the accommodation (you can find approximate costs in the accommodation section, as well as the full address and contact details of the landlord/family. (We can also inform the landlord/family about your arrival date/time if this information has been provided to us enough time in advance).
  • Our service only includes the above specified matters. All other issues are directly between the tenant and the landlord/family.

The Accommodation

  • We do our very best to find and book what we believe and what we know from experience is the most suitable accommodation. However, as every people has different needs and requirements we cannot guarantee that everyone will be satisfied with the accommodation we find them. We therefore highly recommend that students with special needs or requests book their own accommodation.
  • We cannot accept or comply with any special requests regarding accommodation (i.e. location, size, number of bathrooms, etc). Again, if you have special requests do not book your accommodation through Accom.
  • We do not admit any changes in the accommodation we have booked for you neither before, upon nor after your arrival.

Cancellation of Accommodation

  • We will do our best to offer you the type of accommodation you have booked (with either a Spanish host family, in a shared student flat or in an independent apartment) but we cannot guarantee the type of accommodation you have requested will be available. If we are not able to find the type of accommodation you have booked, we can try to offer you an alternative solution or we will return the fee of 90€ as well as the accommodation deposit.
  • If the Spanish course you have booked through has been cancelled by the University of Salamanca you are entitled to cancel your accommodation and get back both the fee of 90€ as well as the accommodation deposit.
  • Under no other circumstances than the above mentioned will we refund the 90€ fee or the accommodation deposit.
  • The accommodation service offered by Accom is a complementary service to clients of ours that have booked a Spanish course. If you do not agree with the above terms and prefer finding your own accommodation, we will be happy to only book your course.

Student Residence

  • We offer two choices of accommodation in residential halls in Salamanca: the university residential halls at Colegio Mayor Hernán Cortés and the university residential halls at Colegio de Cuenca.

    For more information about each residential hall, including prices, please visit the corresponding section:

  • Accommodations at the above residences are subject to the terms and conditions applied by RESA, the owner of the residences (see full terms and conditions). We do our best to provide the most accurate information about the costs and conditions for the above residences but these are still subject to changes made directly by the owner RESA. Below you can find a summary of the most important points in English. We can also recommend reading the Frequently Asked Questions for each residence (in Spanish)
  • If you are going to book accommodation in one of the student residences, you will have to pay a deposit. This amount will depend on the duration of your stay. For bookings of between 1-2 months, the deposit will be €250. For those of more than 2 months, the amount to pay will be one full month.
  • One month before your arrival, you will have to pay the full amount for the rental period. If you cancel your booking more than a month in advance, RESA will charge you the deposit as a cancellation fee.
  • Upon arrival you will also have to pay directly to the residence a security deposit which will be equal to one month's rent. This deposit will be used to pay any damage you have made to your room or the residence installations and will also be used to pay any outstanding amounts like electricity, gas, phone calls, etc (see the above links for more information about what’s included in the monthly rates). In case your room is in good condition and you don't owe any money in utilities, your deposit will be fully refunded.